Our Clients

The clients of Indaco Risk Advisors reflect relationships that span decades. Increasingly, our clients are also new to our company, drawn by the depth and breadth of our ability to provide counsel and security in a dynamic – and sometimes volatile – global economic environment.

The scope and scale of these engagements spans industries; private equity; institutional non-profits, including universities and foundations; public-service providers; and multigenerational families and trusts. It is unrealistic to suggest that no two client engagements are alike but our team thrives on complexity. Indaco welcomes a seat at the negotiating table, and excels in utilizing enterprise risk management as a way to leverage assets, resolve operational deficiencies and improve the bottom line.

Indaco is capable of immediate engagement and delivering solutions with exceptional speed to market, within the United States and around the world.

Photo by Eric Ensor : cvilleshutterbug.com