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One of the most common risks companies face is losing prized employees. One of the best ways to keep those employees is offering competitive benefits that work for you and them. But there are few areas more confounding, and potentially expensive, than employee benefits.


Indaco stays abreast of the insurance world so you can focus on your business. We develop a long-term strategic approach that protects your business and your employees. We offer a full range of group benefits that we custom-fit to your needs and budget.


Indaco understands that the new era in employee benefits is complex and must meet the needs of a multi-generational workforce. We craft programs that work for all of your employees and deliver technology solutions that allow your employee benefit program to operate effectively across various work environments (multi-state locations; remote employees; various generational and cultural needs). 

Program Management and Employee Engagement

We provide the optimal analysis and delivery modes to ensure that your employee benefit program matches the needs of all stakeholders—management, HR and employees. We are a valuable resource for your HR team when it comes to compliance, employee engagement and accountability and helping provide for the well-being of the employee team. 

Technology Solutions

We deliver a technology platform that allows for less administration and more strategic action, which leads to a more positive experience for all parties. This equals less administrative headaches, saved dollars and a more positive experience for all.



A contracting and masonry company was experiencing employee retention issues related to an inadequate employee-benefit package.



  • Indaco crafted an employee-benefit program that met the fiscal needs of both the employer and its employees, leading to a 29.5 percent increase in employee retention.


  • Improved employee retention boosted corporate profitability, allowing the company to increase market share in their industry segment. 

  • This increased profitability allowed the company to grow and offer more robust employee benefits, which has attracted and retained higher level employees.

Construction workers reviews plans on tablet
Teacher helps kids learn


A growing school with a multi-lingual faculty and staff was in urgent need of an employee-benefit program.


  • Indaco developed a program that was both fiscally responsible for the organization and fiscally equitable to the employees. The plan was executed quickly to alleviate anxiety of staff and leadership. Additionally, our versatile team of experts met the client’s multilingual needs, both verbally and with written materials.



  • This effort bolstered overall employee satisfaction, meeting a core goal of management—create happy employees who are motivated and focused on providing exceptional service to their clientele.


An organization that provides youth programs needed an efficient and effective way to manage the employee-benefits open-enrollment period over its seven locations. Additionally, the organization needed to curb the ever-increasing costs of employee benefits.


  • Indaco provided a technology-based solution (FormFire) to improve the open-enrollment process and introduced a new health-plan concept.


  • The implementation of the technology solution reduced work related to open enrollment by 70 percent. The new health-plan  provided employer with up-front savings of 15 percent, along with potential of an additional 20 percent savings with no financial liability to the organization.

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