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Indaco understands what's at stake for high-net-worth individuals. These clients’ needs often approximate that of a corporation more than a family. Liability protection, workers’ compensation and identity theft are often integrated into our private clients’ solutions.


We craft comprehensive plans and foster long-term relationships. This ensures that those plans adapt over time to life’s ever-changing complexities.



The members and management team of one of the country's most successful rock bands own a complex array of real estate and business holdings throughout the country. The band also established an active charitable foundation.

Solutions and Results

  • Indaco engaged in all facets of risk management for an array of holdings, including homes, farms, wineries, trusts and LLCs. Our versatility and experience with complexity allowed us to understand the specific circumstances for each individual and provide the best possible solutions and eliminate gaps in coverage. 

  • Indaco provided insurance for high-value homes throughout the country, ensuring that proper coverage, such as earthquake and flood, were in place. We structured worker’s comp, health and other policies for domestic staff. We also provided liability coverage and developed a directors and officers program for the band’s charitable foundation.

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A former managing director of an international company owns multiple homes throughout the country and a collection of priceless antiques and artwork. 


The individual decided that it was time to revisit his approach to overall risk management and consulted with Indaco to formulate a comprehensive program.

Solutions and Results

  • After a thorough review, Indaco streamlined his coverage into a comprehensive program through a single carrier, which not only saved money, but also provided additional coverage. During the review process, we identified and corrected substantial holes in his coverage.

  • The individual’s primary residence, located in a remote setting, presented a unique challenge. Indaco went beyond just writing a policy: We worked with underwriters and the fire department to create effective emergency plans and bring together all appropriate parties to ensure appropriate coverage for the residence and historical art collections.

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